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The result of  a few days of CSA training is an IT specialist who is able to solve complicated cyber security issues in a timely and efficient manner and to assess the vulnerability of his organisation's IT infrastructure. 

How? In hands-on CSA training participants work with labs and demos of actual cyber security threats, as well as, share best IT security practices. This means that the best cyber security practitioners and ethical hackers  will share the latest tips and tricks to correctly develop your skills and  efficiently improve the level of your IT security.

Kibernetinio saugumo IT mokymai kompiuteriai saugumas tinklų kursai praktika
Kibernetinio saugumo mokymai eithical hacking securie programming saugus programavimas

Our goal is to train your IT people to become the best cyber security specialists in the field.

About CSA training

Tell us what you wish to learn and we will make it our mission to find the most qualified people and the most advanced program to help you develop the desired skills.

Thank you! We have received your ideas and we will contact you as soon as we develop this program!


(Kauno technologijos universitetas)

Hack IT to Defend IT (l1) + (L2)

”Some of the best courses I have ever beet to and the only ones that kept me wide awake. These trainings were extremely interesting and well-organised. I learned a lot.”


(UAB "Vita Baltic International")

Security awareness training

“Timely employee security awareness training is absolutely necessary to proactively manage risks of data and system security.”

(UAB "KIKA group")

Security awareness training

”We took part in CSA Security Awareness training not only to gain knowledge on IT security that is crucial to ensure security of our client data but also because we were able to apply the new information in our business management processes at once”.

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