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Cyber Security Academy

CSA (Cyber Security Academy) has been working towards a more secure society since 2012 and has already helped hundreds of IT professionals to gain and improve their cyber security skills.

Our goal is to help professionals develop the necessary skills to safeguard their digital assets and IT infrastructure by detecting, identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities and, thereby, preventing cyber attacks.

CSA organizes cyber security training with leading cyber security professionals who share their knowledge and expertise, as well as, help develop your skills in training labs.

CSA also arranges labs and simulations for the ultimate skill test. 

CSA hands-on training

Traditional training



4 - 5 days





2 - 3 days


Active training

Test-based problem solving

Hands-on training helps developing your skills which are vital in the face of a cyber crisis

Passive training

You need to figure out how to apply theoretic principles in real life on your own

It is difficult to say how effective theoretic solutions will be in the face of a cyber crisis

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