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Managers and general employees


This training is designed to improve immunity towards security breaches in your company. The goal of this training is to eliminate your weakest link so that criminals cannot use it any longer.


IT crowd

This course is designed using the latest and most popular  attack methods and strategies. Using penetration testing tools we focus on network vulnerabilities and analyse the most critical issues for every organisation. Best practices are illustrated by case studies and hands-on tasks. This course not only provides you with useful information but also helps you improve your cyber security skills that are essential to handle attacks.

The goal of this course is to demonstrate the most frequent web application issues and help understand how they are used to hack your apps and get into your network. You will employ your skills in a lab completing various missions and discovering  how applications are breached yourself.

In this course instead of analysing the tools that are used for hacking, we discuss how we can make other tools do things they are not meant to so that systems could be accessed in a very stealthy mode. After this training you are able to take an exam for your international S-EHP certificate.

This course helps you to gain the required skills to develop your applications in a secure manner. We analyse how to build secure software from the ground up instead of fixing security flaws later in the process. After this training you are able to take an exam for your international S-SPF certificate.

This training focuses on IT security policies, standards and legal cyber security aspects. We also focus on incident management strategies and network, system and application security. After this training you are able to take an exam for your international S-ITSP certificate.

We mostly focus on technical aspects of incident management : information gathering, filesystems, information separation, log assessment and others. The final task of the training is a simulation where you will have to solve a real-life attack.

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